Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Leaf Pattern Sweater Set

Here is the pattern from Designs by Jeannine
#41 her Leaf Pattern Sweater Set, oh what fun to knit! And the pattern is written for preemie, newborn or 3-6 months. Preemie requires fingering or baby yarn, newborn- sport weight , 3-6 months is worsted weight.
Which is what I made using Red Heart TLC Lustre from the stash, the shade is true in the first 2 top photos, a nice bright lavendar shade. To me it looks like the color of lilacs!
Top down with all garter stitch except for lacey leaf. And there is an option to make the bonnet (which I made with crochet ties) or a skull cap. I will have to see if I have a bootie pattern that would compliment the set.

I am working on some petal dishcloths in between, I'll get a picture of those and post soon.

Time to put the sneakers on and go for a walk!


Sandy said...


I've looked over ALL of your blog site and I must say...WOW!! Your baby things are fantastic! Would love for you to post the instructions that sweater pattern you came up with! Plz! (O: May I ask what type of DPN's you are trying to use?

Sandy (also a member of the BabySweater group..I started to just put BS, but changed my mind.)

Lisa said...

Wow , Tina, you'd better be a grandmother sometime in the very near future with all those lovely handknits you're pumping out!!( Does your daughter read your blog??) :)
I love the old-time look of the leafy one just finished up. So pretty!
I enjoy seeing all your little creations, keep em'coming!

Yvette said...

Gorgeous as usual and what a beautiful colour!!

Susan said...

super-cute layettes! love your blog! and bunny cozies too!