Tuesday, May 01, 2007

finished the knitted dishcloths

I have had these finished but unable to get into blogspot due to server problems in my area. I haven't had email or internet access thanks to Time Warner! I am checking in here while using a friends computer ( who uses a dial up server) Sure hope this works!
The pattern is the petal dishcloth pattern found here.
I worked one color row 1 to 6 and then worked the 2nd color back on row 7. I carried both colors right along, easy. 3 colors would be pretty too!
These are great for knitting when you can't concentrate on a pattern, like waiting rooms, traveling etc. Or you're just in a brain fog and want mindless knitting!
I have more baby sweaters in the works, nothing quite finished yet. So hopefully Time Warner will get this fixed and I can post my progress again in the near future, like tomorrow!

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