Tuesday, October 31, 2006

New project!

This is my newest project, I felt like knitting pink and a friend's daughter is expecting a little girl so I found this in my vast library of patterns. It's from the book Small-Fry by Bernat Book # 254, dated 1979!!!! Fits toddler sizes 1,2,3 and 4. I'm knitting the size 1 and gauge is right on with size 6 needles.

Tha pattern calls for Bernat Berella Sportspun and of course I'm using Bernat Softee Baby in "prettiest pink". This is the back and I'm up to the pattern part of the yoke with raglan decreases. So far so good!!

A lovely friend sent me 2 knit sweater patterns I want to try, I just may cast on one of those shortly! Stay tuned!

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last-one@juno.com said...

Hi Tina
Just checking in on your blog. I see that you've got quite a bit done on the cute little pink cardigan. Looks good so far! You'll have that done in no time flat! I like the little garter stitch detailing, it changes things up a bit. You can find alot of really nice patterns from old books,leaflets, that done up in modern yarns look really nice.