Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Jacket day 3

here is a picture of the body of the jacket, notice the 6 stitches cast off while knitting that last garter stitch row. This makes a "space" for the sleeves to be joined in. You cast off 3 stitches each side of the 2 markers.

here is another view, nice and close:

okay now the sleeves I knit today, so quick & EASY!!!

I cast on and in no time I had the first sleeves done and on to the 2nd!
the pattern says to knit them on dp needles, I adjusted the knit and purl rows increases and decreases so they would work out .

I guess I have knitted enough sleeves thru the years that I know how most patterns are written. I did knit them separately as usual, I have always done it that way, fumbling around with 2 skeins of yarn and switching just seems to slow me down......

and here they are all done!!!

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