Saturday, October 21, 2006

Jacket is done!!

Okay, I finished this last night as was too tired to post to my blog. I asked on the GarnStudio forum a question pertaining to the "8 outer most mid-front stitches to be put on a thread" and picked up later in the neck ribbing. I rec'd an answer and finished knitting last night, that was easy, I must have had a brain cramp, it was indeed the 8 stitches on each side ( buttonband) that you put on a thread/holder and then decrease along that edge as the pattern states 2 sts 2 times, 1 stitch 2 times every other row. This shapes the neckline. I have done that before in other patterns, for some reason I thought this one was "different".

The rest was easy! AND I have a small amount left of the 2nd skein, so roughly 300 yards of yarn to knit this. I will try it again for sure!!

Oh, and check out the GarnStudio baby drops site again, they have another new catalog for free baby patterns catalog #11, link is below in Oct 14th 2006 post. or copy and paste this:

only 6 patterns are up but I'm sure they'll get the rest available soon.

Now to find buttons for this sweater!

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