Tuesday, September 05, 2006

trying to finish this next!

Mary Thomas top down pattern in the American School of Needlework book "First Steps in Knitting", again I took out the eyelet rows and am just doing plain knit and adding 3 buttonholes along the way. This is Red Heart TLC Lustre ( a 4 ply soft yarn that is no longer available) it was in my stash. I have the booties and hat all done, why I knitted those first is beyond me, I usually don't work patterns that way! So all I need to do is finish knitting the body portion.

SEE I really am trying to finish up those old projects! AND I have few more to get done, just found another bag of goodies last night, funny how you can get so excited about a project, start it and then get bored with it, start something else and before you know it--- nothing is getting completed!!!

But I know I'm not alone!

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Knitcrazy said...

That Sweater is Adorable :)