Saturday, September 30, 2006

Marble Sweater Progress

I decided to knit the sweater in the Workbasket magazine ( Sept. 1981) shown on the cover.
This is all I have managed to get knitted even though it goes quickly on size 9 needles BUT of course I'm working on other projects in between! This is a pic of the back and both sleeves, I should finish the back today and begin the right and left fronts. I have just started the 2nd ball of this marble yarn and I really like it!

By the way, if you click on any of my pictures you can see a larger image, I keep forgetting to mention that!!

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TracyKM said...

I used the grey Marble to make a BSJ and found I had to go up to a US 7 (4.5mm) even though the yarn says "Knits to DK patterns). How do you find it? More like a worsted weight? The purple colours are gorgeous!