Tuesday, September 26, 2006

not much knitting!

After a busy weekend, this is all I have accomplished since Friday. Working on the Precious Layette design, changing it to be a size 2 like the pink one in my August 29th post. I like the Red heart TLC Essentials yarn, it's nice and soft.

This is one of my next projects, I found this yarn at AC Moore and I am considering knitting another Little Lillies's sweater or the sweater shown on the cover of the September 1981 issue of Workbasket. I made that same sweater using the yarn in the color they show for my oldest
daughter when she was 3 or 4. ( she's now 23, okay where did the time go?)

It calls for Lion Brand Unique yarn, an acrylic worsted weight which they no longer make! I think the James C. Brett Marble will be a nice substitute.....

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sweet said...

you are going to love the marble yarn i am working on a center out square blanket with several shades of the marble yarn. i love this stuff.