Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dream In Color Baby Sweater progress

This is all I have been able to accomplish in the knitting world so far this week. Luckily I had ordered 2 skeins of each color so I should have plenty to finish the sweater. I had no problem with the attached I cord technique, easy but slow going. And I love the look, nice finish to to any project! Now if I can just master circular knitting on 2 needles....

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Lisa said...

Hey Tina,
Do you know how to knit on one circular? Like hats? Well, all you do is put half the circle of sts on one circular and the other half on the other circular. Knit in a circle the usual way, only, knit half the sts ( say the first twenty of 40) with only the one circ. Using on that circular's other end) then when those are knitted, you're are halfway "around" the circle. Pull the needle through those knitted sts so they are resting on their cable. Now, go to the other half of the sts and continue knitting down the other half of those sts to finish the circle/tube. Keep doing this. Say you are doing the sleeves. The armpit would be the start point of the sts on the first circular. You don't have to use markers this way.
If you want more details, give me a holler.