Wednesday, June 27, 2007

4th of July projects

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I created 3 of these wreaths using an old idea from a Home Bureau project. I found the American flag all cotton fabric at Wally World a few months ago at only $2.00 per yard with this pattern idea in mind. I got busy and made them today. Here's the scoop:
Cut 2 strips of fabric each 12" wide x 45", with right sides together, seam the short ends together. with right sides together, fold long strip in half lengthwise, ( it's 90" in length!)sew a 1/4" seam. turn to right side, press with seam on the side. Measure 3" from seamed edge and sew down the entire length of strip. This is the hem/pocket that will be threaded onto the 12" styrofoam wreath.

Cut thru the styrofoam wreath using a serrated knife. Carefully thread the fabric hem onto the wreath, distribute the ruffles evenly. I used hot glue and patience to glue the wreath ends back together. You can use a strong strapping tape if you like. Turn raw edges under and hand stitch closed. Add a hanger for the back, such as a bone ring or pop can tab. I made the bow with a strip of coordinating fabric 45" long x 6 1/2" wide, with right sides together fold in half lengthwise. Begin at one short end and sew at a 45 degree angle using a 1/4 seam allowance, contine down the length of strip using 1/4" seam, leave an opening for turning (somewhere in the center). Turn right side out and press. Blindstitch opening closed. Tie strip into bow and hand sew or hot glue to wreath. Add flag or flowers for decoration.

2 of the wreaths were donated for fundraisers and one is for my side door.

Next is a decoration on my front door I crocheted using this pattern from Maggie's Crochet. Fun to crochet using worsted weight yarn, the flag is all crochet with pearls sewn on for the stars. The flag pole is a 1/4" wooden dowel with a small wooden bead glued to the top. The red and white crocheted striped skirt took the longest, (that is what hides the broom). Maggie's patterns are always easy to follow and well written. I love this book and hope to make a few more of the dolls!

Have a Happy & Safe Holiday everyone!

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