Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A few more finished!

Well, with the recent holiday weekend, I was able to knit and finish up these 2 projects, YAY!
First is the Cabin Fever Homecoming Layette, this one I made with TLC Baby Yarn in a pretty multi-color, blues, greens and lavender.

Second FO is this crocheted layette by Maggie's Crochet, a lovely pattern and loads of FUN to work up, quick too! Ripple Rosebud Layette, here's the link. You will notice I didn't add the rosebuds, I couldn't decide what color to make them so maybe on my next one I'll add the roses.

I again used Bernat Softee Baby yarn in antique white and prettiest pink. I added 2 rows to the length of the sleeves, they just looked a tad too short. I of course didn't make the blanket and I wished the pattern had included a bootie.... of course I could try to design one, any ideas?

I have not had a whole lot of knitting & crocheting time, life has been hectic here but in a good way!


Lisa said...

Hey Tina!
Another couple of absolutely adorable knits! I love the blue for the homecoming layette and the colors for the crochet ripple one reminds me of stawberry swirl ice cream!
( Are you going to post these to the group? I noticed your last White Petal sweater you didn't post. The gals would love to see your newest things).

Judith said...

Tina! Is this set knit or crocheted? Can you share the pattern? It is GORGEOUS! You do very, very nice work.


Tina said...

Hi Judith, the top one is knit and the pattern by Cabin Fever Designs, their Homecoming Layette, I changed the pattern stitch a bit. The bottom one is crochet by Maggie's Crochet - Ripple Rose Layette I believe. If you need more info please send another comment and leave your email address.
Happy knitting, Tina