Sunday, March 11, 2007

Home again!

I had a great time in Orlando with my oldest daughter, we stayed here.
This was the adult pool I enjoyed for 4 days while dd was at her conference, she would join me in the afternoon. We used the outdoor hot tubs and had nice meals and enjoyed drinks by the pool. It was the best b-day ever!
When I got home my youngest daughter presented me with her fimo clay creation of me.
I came across something similar to this on someone's blog and sent the picture to her, this is her version, how cute! I believe she was called Crazy Knitter Lady.
I started this at the airport and yes you can fly with knitting in your carry-on luggage/bags. I got thru security with no problems, actually I saw 3 other women knitting in the airport too!
It's from an old hand written pattern my MIL designed and shared with me, so I'm not sure what the sweater will look like but I do like the knitting!
I am using Lion Brand Baby Soft in baby pink pompador and size 3 needles.
more later!

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