Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I'm back, knitting, leaving again...

Wow, it has been a busy month. Miami was sunny, warm and a lot of fun. It is a business/leisure trip my hubby and I take every year. here are a few pics.....

we had trouble getting back home with the storm along the east coast a few weeks ago but finally made it luggage and all! Some had to spend the night in the airport but we were able to catch the last flight out, arrived home at 3am, 1 degree outside and a driveway that plugged shut with about 2 feet of snow. Hubby had to wade into the house and get dressed, warm up the tractor and plow!

I have been knitting..... yes and with finished sweaters to show you!

Here's the set from the previous post.
You can click on the pics to get a larger view

and then......I started this about 4 days ago and finished it up last night. It's top down with cables. I used bernat baby softee in a new ombre color they have out called tutti fruitti . When I saw the color I just had to make something right away and this pattern has been on my to-do pile. I will be making this one again!
and a shot of the back.
I added the I-cord instead of the twisted cord, my first time knitting an I-cord, easy, here's the link I used for the how-to.
the pattern also has a bonnet, booties and mittens that have the same cable theme on each of them. I just haven't decided if I want to add those to the set.
I am leaving for Florida again, this time to Orlando! My daughter is attending a work conference at a luxurious resort and she invited me to meet her there and spend some wonderful time together, hey, while she's at the conference, I'll be poolside! We are staying 2 extra days just to have fun! and I will get to celebrate my b-day too!
I plan on bringing some knitting along just have to decide what?
I'll be back .............and hopefully spring will be here too!

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