Sunday, March 25, 2007

Another Cable Layette set!

I finished this today, finally! It's Bernat Softee Baby in Lilac. What a pretty shade. I have a few skeins of Bernat's other new color Candy Baby it's an ombre shade too.....hmh
I will probably cast on another one soon!
First I need to finish the pink pompadour sweater I started while waiting at the airports, see March 11th post. I finished the body but need to start the sleeves. I read ahead in the pattern and it too has a collar , booties and a hat.
We had a warm, 55 degree sunny spring day today. My husband and I even went for a walk, that was nice!

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Lisa said...

Hey Tina,
I thought I posted a comment, maybe I did it through your post on the group?
I began, from your inspiration, the little cardigan from Mary Thomas' booklet. Yep, I bought a "beginners" book! I'm doing mine in a chestnut color with an oak ribbon/i-cord. Button at the neck and a bigger size than in the booklet.
All your knits look so lovely. Keep up the good work, hope you are feeling well.