Tuesday, February 06, 2007

snowed in & knitting!

The weather has been VERY cold here 2 degrees this am. There's blowing drifting snow with white outs, schools have been closed etc. My husband gets out just long enough to plow all the neighorhood driveways and remove snow from around the fire hydrants, what would we do without him?

anyway, this has allowed me to knit and knit, here is the 2nd Cabled Baby Jacket and a hat to match! Love this pattern! oh and I forgot the buttons yet again! I guess I was so anxious to cast on another baby sweater!

This yarn is not the softest, so in the washer it goes with the hat hoping it softens up!

So I cast on this fun top down design last night, it goes so fast!

I should have enough yarn left for the bonnet and booties.

The pattern is in this book: First Steps in Knitting by American School of Needlework, pattern by Mary Thomas.
I do not work the yo, K2 tog beading row ( supposed to thread thru ribbon), I just plain knit the 3 rows, oh and I add a buttonhole on the 2nd row.

I am leaving for Miami in the morning, 1 week of sun and warmth, we hope anyway, after this past week we are READY!


Lisa said...

you've gone to warmer climes so you may not know out of the two of us you are the only one able to knit. i sprained all my fingers on my left hand and it'll be a long time before i can use them. i am jealous of you!
the sweaters look quite soft, actually. are these more to put away for the future?!

Tina said...

HI LISA! I am so sorry to hear about your sprained fingers! I sprained my left pinky and it it has been painful to cast on, I can knit but casting on is a killer! Weird, what is with all the injuries?
Florida was wonderful, the plane back a nightmare! The storm last week along the East Coast kept us from arriving home on time but hey we made it and we didn't have to sleep in the airport!
One day after being home I came down with a nasty cold, I'm just recovering now so will get back to knitting and hopefully will post FO soon!
yes, I just might tuck these little goodies away.

I hope you can get back into the knitting groove soon, you are such as inspiration!
Are you a busy grandma-to-be planning your next projects?
p.s. isn't it painful to type?