Thursday, January 04, 2007

SweaterBabe's Baby Jacket is done!

Here is SweaterBabe's newest pattern Beautiful Cabled Baby Jacket. I used Bernat Satin a 4 ply and I made the 18 month size. The close-up picture is the true color of the yarn. my camera is crazy with the color shots lately....

It's an easy pattern to knit, top down and a unique way of leaving the body stitches on the circular needle while you knit the sleeves using the same needle!

The cables are on the front only, the back of the jacket is plain stockinette stitch and it goes quickly. I finished knitting this on the 2nd and just sewed the buttons on this morning. I would like to make another using an ombre yarn I have Caron Wintuk color is summer breeze.

I took another picture showing the jacket on my model, of course my doll has such short arms, the sleeves are way too long!!

Oh, the knit blanket in the background was a UFO I made myself finish yesterday, another red heart TLC ( a worsted weight acrylic) I believe I got the pattern from a knit baby blanket book American School of Needlework.

You can see the wrinkles in it from being stashed away in a knitting bag all this time.
Knitting in 2007, so far so good!!


Lisa said...

Tina, I do believe you are a "Nesting" Someday-Grandmother! You need to store these beautiful things away in a cedar chest for that day when you are a grandma.
I LOVE the Cabled Baby Sweater. Love the buttons you chose and that you changed things up a bit by the different colors, Not too busy, just the perfect accent. Love-er-ly!
The blanket looks so sweet, too. Put that with the sweater for "the future"....:)

Tina said...

Oh, indeed yes, I decided to them tuck them away for future grandbabies! This is so much fun!

Anonymous said...

I love your work. I really like the baby blanket because it is not lacy. Was wondering if you know the name of that book?