Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Baby Blanket info

To those interested in the knit cream colored baby blanket in the previous post, it's a pattern from Nomis, book #63 Reversible Very Easy to Knit Baby Blankets For Crib Cradle & Carriage

The pattern can be found on page 5
Textured Plaid Blanket

the pattern calls for worsted weight yarn and a size 8 needle. the small size( 21" x 32" ) cast on 89sts, for the larger size ( 25 1/4" x 37 1/4") you cast on 107


Jamina said...


Just saying hi, I am a fellow member of the knitbabysurprise group and also live in New York (Long Island to be exact). Looks like you have done some really nice work.

Rachel said...

Hello Tina! I've tagged you! To find out what this means you can go read my blog!

Lisa said...

Hey Tina,
Been a long time since you've posted on the group. Everything ok? Are you just churning out those afghans?! I check in on your blog regularly but it's been awhile since you've updated. Just want to make sure you and yours are alright.( I lost your e-mail add.)