Thursday, December 28, 2006

Deciding what to knit....

I just downloaded the new beautiful Cabled Baby Jacket pattern from, that just might be my next project. check it out here.

It has been a slow recovery since losing Shadow Dec 18th. My husband and I have cried for days, some days are easier than others, while all the christmas doings were going on it took my mind of her for brief periods but my heart still ached. Our other dog Abby a mini dachshund was lonesome and kept staring at the door waiting for Shadow to come back, they were together for 6 years and got along beautifully.
In the end Shadow refused to eat ( this lasted 6 days) I even tried hand feeding her, I cooked up a rice diet withe chicken livers, bacon fat, eggs and Tums, I thought for sure she would eat it but nothing. Shadow was a biscuit monster and when she refused biscuits I knew she was a sick girl. So she got weaker and weaker by the day, initially our vet said she could hang on for a few weeks or maybe even a month but she only lasted a week after she stopped eating. She was the best dog you could ask for and the part my husband and I have trouble getting over is when we arrive home and she's no longer here to greet us. She would always pick up a shoe, slipper or toy and carry it around when we got in the door, she was such a happy dog!

My daughters were home for the holiday and they got out the big box of photographs, here are some of Shadow when she was 6 months old and the top photo was taken just this past summer in August.

Christmas was a happy time but went too quickly, the house was all quiet again the 27th after 6 days of celebration.
Here is a shot of the girls, andrea, silly jennifer, me and my mother
Here is another group shot, my husband, me, Andrea, my new SIL Todd and Jennifer.
we spent one day at Niagara Falls, went to a winery called Niagara Landing, checked out the casino ( I am not a gambler!) too much cigarette smoke for me and I'd rather spend my money on yarn and patterns! Then we went back to Buffalo to the Anchor Bar, home of the original Buffalo Chicken Wing. check it out here.
We will have another small celebration Saturday with my sister, nieces and nephews who could not be here christmas day.
I finally feel like knitting again, so I guess I'll go search my stash and see what yarn I can use for that pattern, maybe even cast on this afternoon.

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Lisa said...

I like your pictures of Shadow. I love her eyes, which says it all, doesn't it? She was very happy with her family, you can just see it in her face. It's the eyes that get us, isn't it! You will see a face like that again in your home some day, be patient with yourself.
On the knitting front, I'm looking forward to your knitting Sweaterbabe's cable sweater. It's really nice, it's girly. I'm waiting still to find out what my grandbaby is going to be.
Nice pics of the family,too.