Saturday, December 02, 2006

Dish Towel Toppers... and snowman favors

Here are the dishtowel toppers I have been busily knitting for a friend, almost done! I am using Paton's Canadiana color "denim", from my stash of course. The other yarn is Bernat Satin color "lagoon".
I have a few more to knit and of course more buttons to sew on. I love this snowman dish towel, it's a nice quality, not scratchy and fairly thick too. I bought a few myself to knit up. I think they're a good choice, they can be left out all winter because their not too "christmasy". We found them at Martin's Grocery store on sale for $2.99 each.

The "will wash dishes for chocolate" towels she found at the mall, one of those kitchen/gourmet stores, $3.99 each and very nice towels! Those she wants knit double, meaning I pick up stitches all across the middle of the towel without cutting it, that was tricky!

you can click on the pictures to see them close-up

These are what I made last Saturday, took me 6 hours at least.... they will be given as favors at our TOPS Christmas brunch on the 13th. Believe it or not they are made using a white washcloth ( those I found at the dollar store very reasonable). I made 24, that should be enough, I think the ladies will love them! Here is the pattern.

Of course they want you to order the kit but you can see what you need by looking at the picture. I cut the hat out of red felt a piece 6"wide x 3 -3/4"high, quick seamed it up on the sewing machine 3/4 of the way up, turned it inside out, folded up the brim and glued it on.

My scarf was cut 1" w x 9" long. The arms I cut from brown chenille stems 2 pieces each 2- 1/2" and 1 piece 1- 1/2" long and wrapped that around the longer piece. I used black 1/4" pom poms for the buttons on his body, 10mm wiggle eyes, an orange spaghetti bead for the nose, a 3/8" gold jingle bell that I thread on a piece of red yarn and used that to gather up the hat, tied in a knot in the back. and I got out my button box and glued a button on each scarf. I made the body the way the directions tell you do so. I used hot glue for all of the construction, what would we do without hot glue?

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