Friday, July 20, 2007

Swing Sweater & Bonnet

The yarn I used was Bernat Softee Baby yarn in color " baby baby" on size 4 needles.

Changes to Baby Sweater in ASN book #1210
Learn to Knit in Just One Day

PLEASE NOTE ABOUT INCREASES that create the "flare" on both sleeves and the body of the sweater, work them as M1 ; "Make one increase" as shown on this link:
If you work them as K1 Front & back it will leave a hole.

When you reach Row 37 of sweater (dividing row) put left front stitches on a stitch holder; for left sleeve: K37, turn cast on 3 sts and purl across sleeve, turn, cast on 3 sts , Knit across. Work 5 rows of stockinette stitch beginning with a Purl row and ending with a Purl row.
Then work 3 sets of rows 1-6 of sleeve , ending with 35 sts
K 1 row
Purl 1 row
next row K5, Inc in next st, repeat 5 times, ending K5.
P 1 row
K 1 row
P 1 row
Now work edging as written.

Reattach yarn to right side of back, K74 sts of back, K37 for right sleeve. Cast on sts, turn, purl across 40sts, cast on 3 sts, turn, knit across sleeve stitches only leaving back sts on needle as you work. Work 5 rows of stockinette stitch. Work rows 5 & 6 of pattern, Then knit 3 sets of rows 1-6.

Reattach yarn on right side of Right Front, knit across 38 sts of right front. Using a spare needle, slide left front stitches onto spare needle, then slide onto other end of circular needle( the end that will be in your left hand). Purl across all sts & begin body with Row 3.

When you have knit 3" of body, end on a purl row. The next row will be an increase row to create the flare in the bottom of the sweater.
K 16, inc in next stitch, repeat 7 times, knit to end of row.
158 sts on needle.
Purl 1 row
Work rows 27-35 of sweater on page 24; 224 sts on needle.
Purl 1 row
K 1 row
P 1 row
K 1 row
P 1 row
Work lower edging as written and bind off
finish sweater as written.

Here it is on my "model", looks cute the way it gathers across the back.

Back to bootie designing.............


Knitcrazy said...

I love your sweaters Tina..
How old would you say your Model is???
6 months size ???

Tina said...

Hi Penny, yes, my little model is 6 months size. The sweater fits her perfect although the sleeves are a bit too long....

I always love looking at your knits too, your work is superb!!