Wednesday, July 25, 2007

baby leaving the nest & road trip knitting!

I will be leaving soon to take my youngest daughter to Florida for the next chapter in her life. She & I will drive to Va. to visit her sister, my oldest daughter for 2 nights and then on down to Florida, N. Miami to be exact! My husband and daughter's bf will drive seperate on a further west route to avoid the mountains as they pulling the bf's boat. Then we will help them to get settled and relax a bit, taking a few days to check out Key West! YES! I have always wanted to go there. We spent many vacations in FL visiting the in-laws when the girls were young but never ventured very far so this is my treat!!

I am packing and finding knitting to take along. I started working on this top down sweater, it's the same pattern as the one shown in July 9th post. I changed that worsted weight pattern to baby yarn and made a few other changes. I may need a few boy sweaters as we have friends that are expecting grandbabies for the first time!! I think I can knit that in the car or at the pool for sure!

I did make a proto-type baby bootee but I am struggling to put it together, it's just not what I thought, so it's on the back-burner for now. BUT that whole process gave me some other ideas for knit baby bootees, hopefully I can develop those when I get back!

Be back soon with finished knits and pictures!

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Lisa said...

Have a safe and enjoyable trip, Tina, with your daughters. Take lots of pictures and get alot of knitting accomplished.
See you on the flip side.