Saturday, November 04, 2006

New Baby Cardigan a FO!

Wow, this little pattern goes rather fast, I enjoyed making it and will definitely knit this one again! Perfect for a newborn!

here is a close up of the heart shapes buttons I found at JoAnn's, perfect for this sweater!

and the little hat is so easy, I used 2 needles rather than circular so mine has a seam down the back

3 comments: said...

Hey Tina! Great job on your little white jobber! I knew you'd enjoy it. It really is a fast knit and very gratifying in how quick it is.
Now you can make a pink one and a blue one and a cream one and a green one and a gray one and a dark blue one and a......
The mom's going to love it!!

carole said...

welcome to dishcloth fun KAL.
I love your baby stuff. What pattern is the hat? Our babysitter's mom just had her 7th and I'm thinking that would be a quick gift to make her.

g-girl said...

this cardigan is soooooooooo pretty!! I love it! :)