Wednesday, November 19, 2008

and yet another doll sweater......

This is the Happy Day Hooded Cardigan in a book by Charlene Schurch American School of Needlework #1348 Knits for Girls and Dolls. LOVE this pattern, yarn I used is Bernat Satin, it's all a blur, lol!

I'm SO BUSY emptying out my house and packing for the move to Florida in early December. We have lived here 18 years and I can't believe all the "stuff" we have. Most I have donated, sold all the furniture on craigslist and to friends and some on ebay. The house is on the market but no bites on it yet, the economy isn't the greatest but I'm very positive it will sell, maybe not right away but hopefully within a year or so. Okay back to cleaning & packing!

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Doll Clothes Gal said...

Wow - what a lovely outfit. Very cute.