Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Seed Stitch Baby Sweater

I finished this little goodie last week, pattern from Lion Brand, click here. I used Bernat Satin solid in color lagoon. I added in the buttonholes to avoid using the ties that are in the directions. Great top down design. I have some yarn left and hoping I could find a nice bootie or hat pattern with seed stitch to match....

While knitting I also started this crochet baby sweater using some Red Heart TLC Lustre ( disc. yarn) from the stash, it's cute pattern with stars on the front, more details to follow.

So while I was in the crochet mood, I rec'd from a friend an order to crochet up a dozen of these Dolly Potholders, now the ones I am making for her have 2 potholders hanging below and are secured with a large button BUT they are taking FOREVER to get done! I am having fun mixing and matching colors, she isn't fussy about which colors I make, she will take whatever I work up, so I am using up the stash of Red Heart worsted weight. Today tho my wrists are aching and slowing me down not to mention I am tired of making them argh............................ but I will keep smiling :) and crochet on!

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Rindy Carpenter said...

Everything looks beautiful Tina, I especially love the Seed Stitch Cardigan. I have this pattern also but haven't tried it yet....

Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.