Monday, January 28, 2008

Some seaming to do!

This is my progress on the baby sweater from the previous post. Body all knit and the sleeves which need to be "set in" and the lace to knit for the collar trim and sewn in place. If you get a chance please try this pattern!! I haven't knit any lace in a long time and I think I'm hooked!!

Hubby and I are headed to Florida for our annual trip, this time we will stay with DD #2 and her BF in Ft. Myers, 3 weeks of sunshine and fun!! Of course I'll bring some knitting and/or crocheting along, I'd be lost without it. DD mentioned if I could knit her a sweater so she's looking around for yarn shops in the area. She wants to pick out a pattern, YAY! I'd love to knit for her!

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