Sunday, September 16, 2007

2 more are now finished

I just sewed the buttons on this evening and took pictures before the sun went down! My camera takes better shots in natural sunlight, the flash distorts the colors of yarn and I am currently shopping for a new digital camera. So far the Canon Powershot SD800 is the one we are considering but will keep looking.

Anyway, here are the sweaters, first one up is the bahama ombre color of Bernat's Satin, love this yarn, so soft. The sweater measures 10" in length from the shoulder down, it looks squatty to me in the picture which I think my Adobe program I use for pictures is to blame.

I created the hat to match myself which has satin ribbon ties but somehow I hid them in the picture. The sweater pattern comes from B. Dillon Designs, she's a designer that lives in Bellevue, Washington. The name of this design is Baby's Knitted Lace Cardigan which is neck down featuring old shale or feather & fan.

I started the second one a few days ago because I really enjoyed the knitting and I came across some Paton's Astra in a soft peach shade in my stash, 3 balls and I have very little left. I modified the pattern a bit by changing the 3rd row of the feather & fan pattern to a purl row which produced a nice
smooth fabric. And I also changed the decrease row at the end of the sleeve from K1, K2tog: to K2, K2tog which widened the cuff some. On my first sweater it just looked too tight!

and again I made the hat pattern up myself.
Chest measurements on these are 20" about a 1 year size.

Hubby and I are hitting the road yet again, this time to Nags Head, NC for a week. We planned this months ago with our oldest daughter and new SIL along with his parents. The 6 of us are renting a beautiful home complete with a pool, hot tub and everything we need! We only have to bring ourselves, food and drink. Only 5 minutes from the beach, lots of shopping ( hopefully a yarn shop.....fingers are crossed!!!!) oh and dining too!

Of course I will take some knitting, just have to decide do I start something new? or take along something in the UFO basket???
There will be plenty of knitting time too, we will drive down to Richmond, Va where the kids are just moving into their brand new built home. That is a 9 hour ride and then in a few days we leave for Nags Head another 3 hour ride. Plenty of knitting time, well when it's not my turn to drive, which I love to do too!

This sure is my year for traveling, I am so blessed and these are wonderful memories with my daughters, husband and family!


Lisa said...

Hi Tina,
Glad to catch you between trips!
Your little cardigans came out adorable! You've done so many now that you can design your own at this point, why stop at the hats? :)
You said that the sweater measured 20 inches around the chest, what sizes does it come in?
When you order from B.Dillon, do you call her or just send out the money/order form?
If I don't "hear" from you before you leave, have a wonderful vacation with the in-laws and family.

Tina said...

Hi Lisa, I keep forgetting to check these comments so I am sorry it took me so long to get back to you!! The Knitted Lace Cardigan by B. Dillon Designs comes in 6mo,1yr and 2yr size, chest 18" ( 20" & 21")so perfect for Meila right? One for spring and then one for next fall too! and even the next year. I do love her patterns, so easy to follow.
I did call her before I ordered only because I didn't have her sheet showing the other patterns she has available. I would assume you could just send in a check with your order, that is what i did. Do you have her list of patterns?
Had a wonderful time while gone but back to business now and knitting, yay! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tina,
I would like to order this baby sweater pattern. Could you post a phone number or address for Bev. I love your work...beautiful!

Tina said...

Hi Cindy, I ordered the pattern from
Bev Dillon
12818 NE 32nd Street Bellevue, WA 98005-1618.
I called her first but have now lost the phone number, perhaps information could help.